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Features and specifications

・ Optimum miniature converter for installation
・ Able to calibrate and adjust sensitivity with a built-in volume control dial
・ Able to prepare a converter that is designed to protect from interference noise caused when multiple sensors approach each other
・ Able to prepare a specified build-in power supply multi-channel on demand

model Converter : AEC-55 ** ( ** symbolize sensor diameter)
output voltage See each sensor section.
Frequency characteristicsDC to 30kHz -3dB
resolution See each sensor section.
Operating temperature range -10°C to +55 °C
Thermal characteristics0.1%/°C of drift between -10°C and +55°C
Power supplyDC ±11V to DC±17V, ±40mA max
Adopted ordered cables





*Acceptable for use with all kinds and lengths of flexible armored cables
*PCT-03NYY connector is 105°C heat resistance

55 model Converter (option)

Insulating Bakelite plate (55IP)

Insulating Bakelite plate (55IP)
Outline view
Outline view

*This drawing is a converter for PU-05.

55model Converter (option)

Power supply

Power supply Outline view

model AEC-55SPS-3
channel number 3channels
output voltage DC ±15V, ±300mA

Accessories for Power supply, AC-202-215, SC-202-217

Accessories for Power supply AC-202-215, SC-202-217

Converter rack CB-2E

Converter rack

Built-in power supply converter storage rack

Built-in power supply converter storage rack

*This drawing is 5509PS-8.

channel number model
4channels AEC-55 ** PS-4
6channelsAEC-55 ** PS-6
8channels AEC-55 ** PS-8
10channels AEC-55 ** PS-10
12channelsAEC-55 ** PS-12
16channelsAEC-55 ** PS-16
32channelsAEC-55 ** PS-32