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73 series

It is extremely important for monitoring of vibration, displacement, and rotation to ascertain the running condition of rotating machines and machinery such as turbines, electric generators and compressors.
The system of the monitor 73 series is formulated for low cost price

Features and specifications

・ Compact design (48 (H) X 96 (W)), and easy to attach to the control board by placement in square hole.
・ Free power supply: AC 85 to 264V/ 50 to 60Hz (In case of 73RS model, able to supply DC power source: option)
・ Full scale of measuring value is determinable if desired.
・ Easy to set up alarm call
・ Large scale and visible digital display (character is 15.4 mm)
・ Analog current output (4 to 20mA)
・ Self-diagnosis function always makes operational condition and installation position of sensor confirm to be in normal or abnormal (73SS-V, 73SS-D mode only).
・ Test mode is equipped as standard, which checks operation condition without running the machine. (except 73RS model ).

*Special specification and profile need to match the conditions of use. Please do not hesitate to contact us concerning your requests.

Outline view
AEC-73 AEC-73
Common specification (except 73RS)

General Specification

sampling cycle200msec
unitV.D. A4mm
A2, A3m/s2
※Gindication Display unit conversion mode(m/s2 - G)
indication0 to 9999 Red LED (Character Height 15.4mm)
accuracy±0.3% of SPAN for indication at 23°C±2°C

Installation Specification

Supply voltage AC100 to 240V 50/60Hz Electricity consumption 13VA max
sensor power supply DC18V±10% 40mA Not insulated from input terminal
DC18V±10% 3.5mA (73SS-A3)
operating Temp0 to 50°C
size weight96W * 48H×105D(mm) 300g
protection structureFront : IP65 Rear case : IP20 Terminal : IP00
RoHS complianceRoHS directive adaption

Analog output specification

output currentDC 4 to 20mA Input is isolated from analog output
tolerance±0.3% of SPAN for indication at 23°C±2°C
linearity0.1% of SPAN
resolutionMinimum digit of indication
output cycleSynchronized to indication cycle
output saturation110% of output voltage
output impedance5M Ω or more
load resistance tolerance0 to 500 Ω

73SS-V System