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Features and specifications

・ Optimum miniature converter for installation
・ Available for purchase of a converter which is intend to protects from interference noise caused when multiple sensors come close each other.
・ Able to manufacture a built-in power supply multi-channel type, if desired.

modelconverter : AEC-76 ** ( ** symbolize sensor diameter)
output voltageSee each sensor section.
Frequency characteristics DC to 30kHz -3dB
resolution See each sensor section.
Operating temperature range-10 °C to +70 °C
Thermal characteristics0.1%/°C of drift between -10°C and +70°C
Power supplyDC +11V to 26V、25mA (supply from monitor)
Adopted ordered cables


Outline view
Outline view

*1 means total cable length. 2 means output specification.