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Features and specifications

・ The amplifier is built into the GAP-SENSOR, allowing the user immediate use after the power supply is turned on.
・ While the output varies depending on the input voltage (see the reference data below), the output voltage that is proportional to the displacement measured in the order of micron can be obtained.
・ The built-in amplifier design can extend the cable up to 100m.
・ This GAP-SENSOR, when used with a slip ring, can be used as a noisefree system.
・ A separate amplifier model is also available (see the example of specialorder profile). Please consult us about the service environment.
・ The linear control amplifier AEC-59B06FC-01 is available to adjust the output voltage. (See for specifications.)

※Special specification and profile need to match the conditions of use. Please do not hesitate to contact us concerning your requests.
measuring range1.2mm
output voltageSee graphs about output characteristics to input power supply voltage.
temperature range-20°C to 105°C
frequency responseDC to 1kHz
Output characteristics to input power supply voltage
power supply voltage +5V +8V +12V +15V +18V
dissipation current(mA) 1.8 3.0 4.7 5.9 7.2
output noise(mVp-p) 2 4 6 8 13


ML-06 Appearance
Ordered profile