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・ Measurable aluminum・titanium nickel coating blade
・ Measurable turbo speed at 400,000rpm
・ Built in Heater to stand up cold area
・ Raw wave・Pulse output・F/V converting output(0-5V)
・ TURBO-UNIT-H can change frequency dividing ratio
・ Ultra small & light type of Type S (70% down from Type H)
・ Measurable from Ultra thin to Extra thick blade.
(Matching model will be changed depending on blade thickness and pitch, so please ask before purchase)
・ +4V to +30V wide range power supply.
・ Mutable sensor shape

Variety of Output
Variety of Output

*TURBO-UNIT-H(Regular) has no F/V converting function, but we can add F/V function by additional Fee as option.