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Features and specifications

Current out put 4-20mA for Vibration Value Compliant with CE

・ Lowcost and simple vibration detector
・ For of Compressor, genarator, pump
・ For monitor system of product lines
・ For monitor system of product plant


Sensor S−06


Converter 7673V


Sensor Cable

displacement mode (GAP)1) measuring range (iron)]
2) accuracy 3% Full scall
3) resolution
4) frequency range
5) output
vibration mode(VIB)6) measuring range 150 to 200µm
7) accuracy 3% Full scall
8) frequency hange 5Hz to 10kHz
9) output 4-20mA
common specification10)temperature range sensor -20 to 180°C
sensor cable -20 to 105°C
converter 0 to 55°C
11)power supply DC+24V±2V
Please feel free to ask when requesting for changing measuring range and frequency range