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Inclination Monitoring System for Reduction gear shaft
Features and specifications

Monitoring of Vibration for facility of chemical plant Measuring for vibration, displacement, rotation speed Intrinsically-safe apparatus

K71C Series
sensorPU05GCEX Armored Cable 400mm
setting gapPC10CEX Armored Cable 10m
measuring rangeJPS-6 Connector protection case
Converter710510CEX include 1m cable
Safty BarrierMTL7796+
Linear Convereter71LCEX  
Power Supply55SPS-3-01(+23.5V) 3ch
Output CableOC-202BN-058 barrier No.2 to linear converter

sensor to convertermodel K71C**G**CEX (according to specification seet)
apparatus 3aG5 Intrinsically-safe apparatus
number of cerificated T59934
environmental hazardous area
target iron
measuring range 1.8mm (Non linear)
temperature range sensor -20 to 60°C
cable -20 to 60°C
converter 0 to 40°C
power supply DC+23.5V 1式16mA

safty barrier to linear converterenviromental non hazardous area
measuring range 0 to 1.8mm
output voltage 1 to 5V
temperature range safty barrier -20 to 60°C
linear converter 0 to 50°C
power supply DC+23.5V 1式0.15A