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Features and specifications

Useful for low and high speed Detect to go ahead or back

・ Excellence of enviromental and noize resistanceズ
・ TTL output
・ Mounted on Diesel car
・ Adapted collision Avoidance system of track maintenace train for bullet train

target gearmodule : 3.0
gearteeth number : 60
diameter : Φ186
teeth width : 15mm
output levelPuls output
H=+10v to power voltage
L=-0.5v to +0.5v
setting gap1.2mm±0.5mm
frequency range0.16Hz to 10kHz
temperature range-20°C to +80°C
power sopplyDC+15V
power correntBelow 45mA
vibration resistanceJIS E4031 6B
Outline view