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Instantaneous rotational speed measurement【ex.)backlash. etc.】

What is rotational fluctuation and backlash measurement

This equipment outputs instantaneous rotational speed in real time by measuring gear of rotational body with GAP SENSOR even when rotational speed change suddenly. We have high hopes to detect backlash and rattling behavior because it can measure highly accurate instantaneous rotational speed by canselling vibration and axis deviation with the equipment program. As It can input signals from two sensors by one, it can check instantaneous angular difference. It is equipped with synchronous signal output to use multiple units so that it can measure instantaneous angular difference of multistage rotational body.


Application by industries

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Apllication Detection of instantaneous rotational behavior
Apllication Detection of
   tortion amount of shaft



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We deal with even one sensor. Moreover, we offer sensor calibration with measuring material, lending our product for a demonstration and so on.
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