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Marine Machine

Application in Marine Machine industry

Monitoring device of axis vibration

This device monitor axis vibration of marine engine(diesel engine).
The measuring surface is the edge of crank shaft.

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Vibration monitoring of turbo charger for marine machine

It monitors the occurence of abnormal vibration by setting acceleration sensor to the casing of a rotating turbin at high speed.

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Rotation monitoring of turbo charger for marine machine

It is possible to measure rotational speed of turbo charger accurately by detecting passing turbine blades with gap sensors.

Measurement of rotational speed is also possible by measuring the groove of a rotor shaft.

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Controling of lift timing of valve

It is possible to detect lift timing of valves by setting gap sensors next to the valve.

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Controling of motion timing of fuel pump

It detects motion timing of fuel injection system by seting gap sensors next to a piston of a marine fuel pump.

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Steering device monitoring

It is possible to monitor the operating state of steering devices by setting gap sensors to hydraulic cylinder of the marine steering device.

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Measurement of injection nozzle

It measures behavior of injection nozzles with gap sensors.

The gap sensors are adopted in terms of having excellent oil proof, durability and so on.

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