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Vibration measurement for monitoring equipment

Constantly vibration monitoring

Output vibration value as 4-20mA. CE marked product. 

  • Low cost and simple vibration detecter
  • Monitoring system for compressor, generator, pump and so on
  • Monitoring system for product line
  • Monitoring system for plant


Sensor S−06

センサ S−06


Conveter 7673VD

変換器 7673V


Sensor cable




Displacement mode(GAP)

Measuring range 0~2.4mm(Target:Iron)
Accuracy 3% / Full scale
Resolution 0.5µm
Frequency range DC~10kHz
Output DC OUT 0~2.4mm / 1-5V

Vibration mode(VIB)

Measuring range 150~200µm(Changeable by your reqest)
Accuracy 3%以内 / Full scale
Frequency range 5Hz~10kHz(Changeable as an option)
Output 4-20mA

Common spesification

Operating temperature range Sensor -20~180℃
Sensor cable -20~105℃
Converter 0~50℃
Power supply DC+24V±2V

Application by industries

Relevant products


Application  Vibration monitoring of equipment  
Application  Monitor and control plant



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