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Privacy Policy

The purpose of using customer information(hereafter referred to as "personal information") in Applied Electronics Corporation (hereafter referred to as "AEC") is as follows. AEC thinks want to continue to offer useful information to customers in the future. In order to handle personal information, AEC recognizes the importance of personal information, complies with the law for the protection of personal information and handles personal information appropriately.

The scope of the application about the idea of Privacy Policy.

The reason why to obtain personal information for the purpose of using is as follows. AEC clarfy the purpose of using in advance when obtaining personal information of users with the purpose which is not written as follows.

  1. To inform users of supply information and activities related to them.
  2. To conduct personal authentication and review of users.
  3. To create statical data by tallying and analyzing personal information which can not identify an individual.

Apprppriate obtainment

AEC does not lie about personal information of users and obtain personal information by fraudulence means.
AEC uses personal information of users within the scope deifined by the purpose of using.

Provision of personal information to third parties

AEC does not provide personal information to third parties except the following.

  1. If the agreement to share with companies or organizations has been obtained from the users in advance.
  2. If it is required by applicapable law and ordinance.
  3. If it is necessary to protect life, health, or property, and obtaining the agreement of the user is difficult.
  4. If it is particularly necessary to improve public health or to promote the healthy education of children, and obtaining the agreement of the user is difficult.
  5. If it is necessary to cooperate with a state institution, a local public body or a trustee in executing the operations prescribed by law and in which notifying the person of the Purpose of Use it might impede the execution of the operation concerned.

Security Management

We take necessary and appropriate steps and other security measures to help protect personal information handled by our Company to prevent leakage, loss or damage.

Obtainment and Use of non-personal information and action history

On this website, we conduct behavioral targeting advertising (an advertising method of distributing advertisements according to users' interests based on site browsing information, etc.), site management, and access status measurement on specific sites using programs provided by a third party, e.g., an advertisement distribution company.
In so doing, we use cookies to collect user's site visit history information (which, however, does not include any information that can identify or recognize individuals).
The third party, e.g., an advertisement distribution company, conducts advertisement distribution, site management, and access status measurement, based on past access information to this website using the cookies.
Users who wish to invalidate this advertisement or measurement can access the opt-out page of the third-party, e.g., an advertisement distribution provider, to invalidate the use of cookies.
When changing the browser, deleting cookies, changing to a new PC, etc., the re-setting is necessary.
By clicking the following URL, you can be opted out.



In order to protect personal information of users, we may make changes to this Privacy Policy due to changes in laws and other regulations. When we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by posting such changes on the home page of our website.

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