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Special shape and specification sensor

Special shape and specification sensor


It is possible to change the shape and specifications of each eddy curent sensor.
Long, short, thick, thin,convex-shaped and so on sensors are available by customer's request.

We deal in special specification sensors such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, waterproof, pressure proof, oil proof and so on by customer's request.

  Detail of the products  

Application by industries

Relevant products

PU-RING sensor

Application  Valve lift amount measurement
Note  Special order based on
PU type sensor

Measuring example

Special oredered PF type sensor

Application  Gasket behavior measurement
Note  This sensor is not affected by around metal

Measuring example

Measurement of pin behavior

Application  Stroke measurement of pin
Application  Measuring long stroke by passing pin into the center of a sensor

Measuring example

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We deal with even one sensor. Moreover, we offer sensor calibration with measuring material, lending our product for a demonstration and so on.
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