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Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

AEC think of smiles of the earth and children first, tackle development and manufacture and endeavor to preserve and improve global environment.

Green Procurement

1)The position of Green Procurement Guideline

① AEC shows the basic way of thinking to set a standard tackling material procurement to minimize our effects on global environment as small as possible in promoting environmental preservation activity.

② We carry out social responsibility as a corporation and aim for sustainable social development by promoting Green Procurement with cooperation with suppliers who work proactively for Global Environmental Preservation.

2)Scope of Application

The scope of application of this guideline covers consignment goods delivered to us such as raw materials, parts, subsidiarymaterials,OEM goods and ODM goods(including substrate units, part of products and so on).We specify the scope of application as the consignment goods from the following contents. 。

List of Request for suppliers

1)Legal Compliance

Ensure compliance with the law in countries and region where our clients conduct business activity.

2)Constraction of every kind of management system

To reduce loads on the environment is related to all business activity, and we expect our clients to constract every kind of management system.
Quality control: ISO9001 and so on.
Environmental control: ISO14001, Eco Stage, Eco Action21, KES and so on.
Chemical substance control: ,Chemical substance control guideline, Supplier's Declaration of Conformity and so on.

3)Environmentally Controlled Substances

The following shows our environmentally controlled substances which are enacted based on the requests from our clients and environmental regulation from international society.

① Corresponding Regulation

(a)The EU RoHS Directive

(b)Regulation for Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships: kind of asbestos, polychlorinated biphenil, ozone-depleting substace, organotin compounds(as bioside),RoHS(6 initial substances), radioactive material, polychlorinated naphthalenes and part of short chain chlorinated paraffin.

(c)The EU Ship Recycling Regulation: In addition to the regulation based on above (b), add PFOS and HBCDD

In regards to the following regulation, we deal with customers needs individually.

  • The EU REACH Regulation
  • The EU ELV Directive
  • The EU CLP Regulation
  • The EU Battery Directive
  • EU Directive on packaging and packaging waste
  • The Model Toxic in Packaging Legislation

②Target controlled substances and threshold of the content Prohibited substances and controlled substances in above Corresponding Regulation are targeted and not exceed threshold of the contents in each regulation.

③Prohibition Period of delivering
Delivering of aw materials, parts and subsidiary materials containing prohibited substances is basically prohibited on the day.

4)Contained chemical substances investigation of products

We investigate contained chemical substances of products according to requests from clients.
Please handle that in case we ask suppliers to offer contained chemical substances information of delivery to us as necessary.
Investigation detail is the following, and the investigation procedure will be explained every time.

《Invetigation detail》

①Raw materials: SDS, chemSHERPA-CI, Mill Test Report, nutritional information, our investigation form and so on.

②Parts: chemSHERPA-CI, cirtificate of non-containing, our investigation form and so on.

③Subsidiary materials: the same as ① and ②

5)Investigation og Conflict Minerals

Please handle that in case we ask suppliers to investigate Conflict Minerals.

※Conflict Minerals mean mineral resources mined in conflict zones such as African countries.
Especially, Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform defines regulated mineral resources as 4 substances which are tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold(3TG).

6)Contact of non comforming occurance and corrective action

In case that prohibited chemical substances mix or pollute supplies, inform our point of contact that promptly, conduct removal or reduction of contained prohibited substances and arrange replacement. At that time, submit non-conformance report (attachment 1) and corrective action report(attachment 2) after filling out required matters. 

7)Application to change parts, materials, process and so on.

When changing parts, materials, process and so on, inform our point of contact in advance and submit change notificationabout parts, materials and processes (attachment 3) after filling out required matters.

8)Contact to material suppliers and outsourcing contractors

Contact material suppliers and outsourcing contractors of our delivery in clients the contents of this guideline.

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