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Feb. 1963 Applied Electronics Device Corporation is established in ohta-ku Tokyo by \5,300,000 of the capital.
Jul. 1970 Applied Electronics Corporation which is sales company of products made of AEDC is established in Nakano-ku Tokyo by \2,000,000 of the capital.
Sep. 1972 GAP-SENSER is registerd as a trademark.
Oct. 1977 Osaka branch of AEC is opened in toshima-ku Osaka.
Jun. 1984 Obtained the patent of the affected part for the proximity sensor.
Oct. 1984 The new factory of AEDC is opened in Tama-ku Kawasaki.
Nov. 1985 Increased the capital of AEDC to \21,200,000.
Jul.1992 Kawasaki branch of AEC is opened in Tama-ku Kawasaki.
Jun. 1993 Obtained the utility model of the rotation angle detector for gear.
Jun. 1993 The product of intrinstically safe explosion-proof was certified by Ministry of Labour(Currently known as Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare).
Dec. 1993 Obtained product certification by NK(Nippon kaiji Kyokai).
Apr. 1995 Signed the contract with VANO corporation as the agent in Korea.
Jul. 1995 Increased the capital of AEC to \10,000,000.
Nov. 1998 Moved headquarter to Tama-ku Kawasaki.
Apr. 1999 AEDC merged with AEC to improve business efficiency. New company name is Applied Electronics Corporation with the capital of \31,200,000.
Nov. 2002 Established AEC America with IRI corporation as the agent in USA.
Jul. 2005 Osaka branch of AEC moved to Kobe as Kansai branch of AEC.
Aug. 2005 Started the mass production of Turbo speed sensor.
Feb. 2007 Obtained ISO 9001.
Aug. 2011 Obtained NK standard.
Oct. 2011 Obtained Lloyd standard.
Jul. 2012 Obtained ABS standard.
Jan. 2015 Obtained DNV GL standard.
Feb. 2017 Obtained BV standard.
Jun. 2020 Obtained CCS standard.

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