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Industry, Machine tool and Construction machine

Application in Industry, Machine tool and Construction machine industry

Vibration measurement of magnetic bearing

Measurement of piston behavior

Sensors for magnetic bearings can catch the vibration from the bearing of non-lubricated rotating body, so the sensors are used in the control of magnetic bearings.

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Axis vibration or rotation measurement of end-mil

It monitors end-mil condition by measuring axis vibration or rotation of end-mil.

There is no influence for measurement by water and oil bucause of having waterproof and oil and proof.

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Ultrasonic vibration measurement 

Measurement of a gap from crankshaft ②

Vibration of ultrasonic vibration body is measurable by using the converter which has high responsiveness.

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Centering measuring instrument for pipeline length 

Sensor checks the center position of a measuring instrument for pipeline length within a pipeline.
The sensors detect the gap between the pipe and the measuring instrument for pipeline length without contact and then control the measured gap so that the measuring instrument will pass along the pipe center. 

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Detection of abnomal vibration from grinder

A sensor monitors to prevent  a grinder from being damaged by metal hitting on it.
The sensor detects abnomal vibration when metal hit on the grinder. 

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Vibration control of powder property device

It measures amplitude of a sieve with a gap sensor and controls the level of the amplitude.  

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Detection of steel plate vibration

Measurement of wheel balance

Sensors are used for controling vibration of steel plates in production lines of steelworks.
Several sensors are arranged laterlly on the front and back sursaces of the steel plate so that the vibration of the surface of the plate can be measured.

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Confirmation of adhesion for press metal mold

It measures the gap between the upper and lower part of oress metal mold to prevent manufacturing failure by monitoring degree of adhesion. It is possible to control parallelism by using several sensors.

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Monitoring elongation of tie rod

Sensors allow you to decrease cast defects and control maintenance management of casts or molding machines by detecting the position of tie rod on an injection molding machine by non-contact and then monitoring clamp capacity or strain of steel stamp.

Measure behavior of piston ring(up and down motion) by setting a asensor in piston land(piston ring side).
Consult with us to select size of the sensor according to size of the piston.

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Control of casting machine

A sensor detects the gap between a clinder surface and the piston which pushes away metal material of high temperature meltdown condition into a boilplate. Due to transformation by temperature expansion, if the gap becomes larger, the accidents by external outflow of high temperature material and shape defection by reducing materials occur. To prevent defection, the machinary can be stopped and controlled by detecting the gap with the gap sensor.

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Material measurement of rolling fatigue tester

Measure acceleration by setting acceleration sensor on a material part of rolling fatigue tester.

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Bearing measurement of bearing durability tester

Measure acceleration by setting acceleration on the bearing which is the target of bearing durability tester. It is possible to monitor normal and abnormal of acceleration with an indicator.

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