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Sensor specifications list

PU Series

Model PU-01 PU-015A PU-02A PU-03A PU-05
External diameter φ0.93±0.0mm φ1.5mm φ2.2mm φ3.1mm φ5mm
Total length 3.1mm 20mm 25mm 35mm
Screw size No screw part M3×0.35 M4×0.5 M6×0.75
Measuring range 0〜0.15mm 0〜0.3mm 0〜0.5mm 0〜1mm 0〜2mm
Resolution※1 0.5μm 0.2μm 0.3μm
Temperature range -20〜+120℃ -20〜+180℃


Model PU-07 PU-09 PU-14 PU-20 PU-30
External diameter φ7mm φ9mm φ14mm φ20mm φ30mm
Total length 45mm 52mm 50mm 80mm
Screw size M10×0.75 M12×1
Measuring range 0〜3mm 0〜4mm 0〜6mm 0〜8mm 0〜12mm
Resolution※1 0.4μm 0.5μm 1μm 2μm
Temperature range -20〜+120℃


Model PU-40
External diameter φ40mm
Total length 85mm
Screw size M12×1
Measuring range 0〜16mm
Resolution※1 3μm
Temperature range -20〜+120℃

※1 Resolution is the specifications when using conveter(AEC-55 Series).

DPU Series

Model DPU-10A DPU-20A DPU-30A DPU-40A DPU-50A
External diameter φ10mm φ20mm φ30mm φ40mm φ50mm
Total length※2 68mm 55mm 67mm 75.5mm 100mm
Screw size M16×1
Measuring range 0〜5mm 0〜10mm 0〜15mm 0〜20mm 0〜25mm
Resolution※3 2μm 4μm 5μm 6μm 12μm
Temperature range -20〜+80℃


Model DPU-60A DPU-80A DPU-100A
External diameter φ60mm φ80mm φ100mm
Total length※2 120mm 170mm 175mm
Screw size M20×2.5 M30×3.5
Measuring range 0〜30mm 0〜40mm 0〜50mm
Resolution※3 15μm 20μm 25μm
Temperature range -20〜+80℃

※2 Total length does not include a connector length(7.5mm).

※3 Resolution is the specifications when using conveter(AEC-37 Series).


PF Series

Model PF-02 PF-03 PF-05 PF-07
External diameter φ3.4mm φ4.4mm Φ5.1mm Φ10.5mm
Total length※2 25mm 35mm 45mm
Screw size M4×0.5 M5×0.5 M6×0.75 M12×1
Measuring range 0〜0.5mm 0〜1.0mm 0~1.6mm 0~2.0mm
Resolution※4 1.2μm 1.6μm
Temperature range -20〜+140℃

※4 Resolution is the specifications when using conveter(CFC Series).


S series

Model S-06 S-10
External diameter φ6mm φ10mm
Total length 30.2mm 45mm
Screw size M8×1 M12×1
Measuring range 0~2.4mm 0~4mm
Resolution 0.5μm 1μm
Temperature range -20~+180℃ -20℃~120℃


ML Series

Model ML-06
External diameter φ6.2mm
Total length 50.7mm
Screw size M10×1
Measuring range 0〜1.2mm
Resolution It depends on input voltage
Temperature range -20〜+105℃

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